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About Us

We are a dedicated Calgary team focused on making it easy to connect babysitters and families. This site was founded to help parents find babysitters in and around their community. We understand how hard it is to find reliable nearby babysitters in your community. Please be sure to check back often as we roll out new features, and grow our database of babysitters.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up to become a babysitter?
Simply click on the button called “BABYSITTERS, Create a profile”, fill in the form, select your communities, submit your application, check your email to verify/activate your account, and you will be added to our mybabysitter list in no time at all.
How do I find a babysitter in my community?
Simply click on the button called ”PARENTS, Find a babysitter”, select your community, and a list of available babysitters will appear.
Where can I take the babysitter course?
The Red Cross, St. John Ambulance, the YMCA and Several Community Associations provide babysitting-training courses through out the year.
Do you screen your babysitters? accepts no responsibility as a regulatory body, and does not screen any of the babysitters who use
I cant find my community in the search results?
If you cannot find your community it means that we currently do not have any babysitters available for that specific community.